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starts now. >> tonight at eight. police in oakland are looking for the suspects who opened fire on an s-u-v. and shot an eight- year- old girl. the shooting happened at about 2-30 today. on 65th aveneue. kron-4's reggie kumar is live at children's hospital in oakland tonight. with the latest on the childs' condition. and the search for the suspects. reggie? >> she is expected to survive >> reporter: let me show you the video of this scene from earlier. oakland investigators of the there was a car filled with several individuals it pulled into the driver or this black s u v was part and it started shooting. the girl was standing on the sidewalk in was hit by gunfire. she was not the intended target. oakland police chief howard jordan are trying to figure out a motive. >> we do not know how this started. we are looking to find out the suspects information. >> the authorities are still trying to find the suspects. reporting live in oakland, kron 4. >> new tonight at eight. a california state senator is proposing to create an early warning system. to help californians prepare for a major ea
on the rise. and right now: an overflow crowd at oakland's city council meeting. >> public safety is number one >> pam: the cash=strapped city debates whether to spend a quarter million dollars on controversial police consultant bill bratton supporters say he is the right man to lead the fight against crime in one of america's most violent cities. opponents say they have concerns. >> very valid concerns about bringing in a military=minded man like bratton to make things better. >> pam: right now at eight o-clock. the oakland city council is weighing whether or not to bring in police and security heavyweight bill bratton. to consult its beleagured police department. bratton formerly served as police chief in los angeles, and police commissioner in new york city and in boston. but last week. oakland residents voiced their concerns about bratton's controversial tactics. which include the "stop- and- frisk" policy. kron 4's terisa estacio is live in oakland tonight. where the city council is hearing from those concerned residents. terisa? >> reporter: things are really heating up in oakland. le
starts now.breaking news at eight o- >> pam: a massive search is underway for suspects in oakland. after a report of an officer-involved shooting. it happened about an hour and a half ago on the 17- hundred block seminary avenue. near east 17th street in oakland. kron-4's dan kerman is live on the scene. with what we know. dan? >> we can see about three blocks down the that is the 1700 block of seminary there are a lot of information that is not confirmed. it is an officer involved in shooting. there are several suspects with high-powered weapons. oakland police are awakening to the area looking for those suspects at this time. as far as victims? we do not have as mannumber of victims. oakland police are-aware-and scouring the area looking for suspects these three blocks for and right now, we are at the 2002 hundred block of seminary. >> pam: let me ask you, dan. our police going door to door? for the police going door-to-door >> reporter: we are just three blocks away and if they are doing that it is not the sum and that i can see from this location of. it is very possible. not somethin
but one saw him taking the allocator out of the house. the oakland zoo is now caring for the animal. kron 4 has learned it is pretty sick and is being treated by zoo personell. the owner faces drug charges, as well as owning an exotic animal without a permit. in castro valley reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> pam: new tonight at eight bart police discover a man's home in richmond. filled with stolen bikes from all over the bay area. kron 4's scott rates shows us the coincidence that lead police to the alleged thief's doorstep. >> reporter: 10 bikes, 57 bicycle tires, 24 wheels, 26 wheels with tires, 21 bike seats, 4 frames, a gun, and some ammo, that's what bart police say they discovered in the richmond home of 57- year-old marque moore these are pictures taken by bart police just after arresting moore. investigators saying it was this craigslist ad moore posted that lead them to his front door. according to investigators one of the victims, saw the craigslist ad and quickly realized that the idem for sale -- was his bike a bike that just so happened to be stolen from his home in san francisc
oakland's police chief: >> i feel today was like christmas >> pam: the explanation, straight ahead. in san francisco, a blurry surveillance video leads to the identification of a suspect in a tenderloin mugging. police say this man robbed a woman, then threw her dog into traffic. >> firefighters in contra costa face a day of reckoning. >> this is the first time in the history of this county that we've actually closed fire stations. >> pam: tonight they're giving residents the bad news. >> pam: but first. breaking news out of san francisco. where police are involved in a standoff with an armed man. kron 4's scott rates is live in the richmond district with the latest. scott? >> reporter: >> oi just checked with police and they are still confirming that he is barricaded himself inside. it is still a very active scene. this is as far up as i can get. as i show you this is the crisis negotiation team. they are trying to get some progress. several swat team members running across the street. this started at 3:00 p.m. and there were shots fired inside this home. they heard someone screaming and
. and the current conditions will remain rather mild. still, 51 to oakland and san francisco and at half moon bay. 50s through redwood city and temperatures are going to be more mile. we are going to see areas of dense fog. with a fog advisory issued for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and there is going to be similar conditions to today but similar. as we see a big change with the temperatures are going to be wchanging. here is the next fog advisory. these areas highlighted with reduced visibility. through 9:00 p.m., with one quarter of 1 mi. and keep giving yourself some extra time. low visibility, slow down. taking a l we are going to see other 60s. 60s through san jose. unseasonably warm the stormtracker is well off to the north and it will stay that way. change is coming as that starts with rainfall to the bay area. it will continue to the day and temperatures dropping wednesday and temperatures in the low 50s. staying there for friday and warming up. this brings the chance of showers back to the forecast. >> the world's largest exposition of gadgets and gizmos. the consumer electronics show. i
in oakland. more than a dozen people shot in separate incidents around the city. how the police department plans on slowing down the accelerating violence. and the flu outbreak starting to reach crisis levels in parts of the u-s. how hospitals in the bay area are working to keep the region safe. >> jacqueline: it is going to be very cold. temperatures in the 30's. i will show you how cold it is going to cast. get. >> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. disgraced cycling champion lance armstrong has reportedly admitted to doping throughout his career. during an interview with oraph winfrey taped today. before the interview. armstrong. who was stripped of his seven tour- de- france titles. issued an emotional apology to members of the "live strong" cancer charity foundation he started. the interview with winfrey is set to air thursday. >> the search for potential victims of the "speed freak killers" in a central california well is entering its second week. the f-b-i continues to prepare the sight for closer inspection. and has had to deal with numerous setbacks. includin
with a developing story. >> pam: developing news tonight at eight o-clock. firefighters in oakland are mopping up a fire that raged through a vacant victorian style home. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. the fire broke out at the home on harrison street near interstate 880 just before 5-30 tonight. the flames furiously burned for an hour and a half. kron-4's scott rates has been on the scene all night. and joins us now with the latest. scott? >> reporter: pam, i just spoke with the battalion chief. they are treating this as a suspicious fire. let me show you what is left of 621 harrison the firefighters are still making sure that everything else is out. this is what it looked like with our helicopter partnership from abc seven. flames were shooting out of this home they had to work quickly before it spread to any other homes. antiphon i have learned tonight that the homo was vacant. when firefighters are right to they found something interesting. it was on the roof of a home right next door. >> when we are right on the scene. this building they called and told the
are starting to see the rain fall on the north bay coast. oakland, hayward, and also what still green. to the livermore valley. and as we take a look at 7:00 a.m., it is pressing towards the south bay with clear conditions. and for early thursday. notice, it is going to be a lot of coastal water with mostly dry on thursday but a couple of degrees showers to the coast. temperatures? we are still going to see temperatures cooler than what we saw today. low 50s but not all 60s. that we saw today. what we are expecting in the sierras, with this system pressing through. snowfall at the highest elevations for tomorrow. you see it is fairly widespread. this blast of cold air and not a lot of moisture associated. spot a snow showers and into thursday morning. spotty -- and also, wednesday, thursday, but notice temperatures are going to be dropping, significantly towards the weekend. locally, the temperatures are also dropping into the low 50s. thursday, friday, the morning lows will definitely be freezing warnings and frost advisories. to round out this work week. it's the first day of the wo
.. >> reporter: ten thousand a's packed the oakland coliseum and oracle arena to see their favorite a's players. some stood in line for hours to get an autograph, snap a picture or even ask a question. >> looking forward to get to the area, and have a good time i miss these guys all lot. >> reporter: coco crisp, yoennis cespedes, a-j griffin, josh reddick, ryan cook and eric sogard. were just some of the players on hand to meet and greet fans. they signed baseballs, shirts and posters. some fans got a closeup look at the team's world series trophies from years past. mof the signature, up from a.j. it was amazing. my brother and i came to about ten games together. the moment we are big a's fans and we just got our season tickets. >> is a great up gratuity to meet the players, they're always so friendly, the a's, they are the best in the league. it is fun to have interaction with them. >> reporter: an athletic's representative told me this year's fanfest was sold out. in oakland >> scott rates shows about how people need to start paying the meters. >> for the first time on a sunday you are not go
rates, kron 4. >>> still ahead at eight. oakland's police chief sounds off on the city's rising crime rate. a day after a 15-year-old boy was gunned down near the coliseum. >>> paper bags will no longer be a free offering at stores in one bay area county. how residents are reacting to the new law. >>> and we'll take you all the festive new year's celebrations in major cities around the world. (music) [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose
and a broken tree remained at elysian field drive and ironwood in the oakland hills where a stolen suv being chased by the chp crashed killing a nineteen year old man. he was one of seven occupants of the vehicle which lead the highway patrol on a high speed chase on highways 80 and 580 at two am saturday morning. >> it was an suv in el cerrito. how a crime in el cerrito that police were chasing ended up here? there were a number of police departments, there were fire trucks they mentioned that there were injured and a fatality. people were naturally concerned about their safety. >> reporter: four other passengers were injured and two fled on foot, one of which was captured. >> the san francisco 49ers are getting ready for new today, the team held it's final practice at it's headquarters in santa clara. kron four's philippe djegal joins us now with more on the squad's super bowl sunday expectations. philippe. >> reporter: the 49ers' organization has never been to a super bowl that it hasn't won. so, the team says they fully expect to bring home the franchises sixth super bowl title. this tim
francisco, oakland , and san jose. in san francisco, flu trends shows that there is intense flu activity, much higher than in previous years. over in oakland, there's high activity and finally in the south bay google flu trends says that there is also high activity in san jose. >> we wanted to bring her back in with some inconsistencies. they read interview the mother in chief finally admitted that the entire store was a fabrication. she is considered a suspect with a criminal investigation. we will be discussing the case with the district attorney. and moving forward in hopes of filing charges of a false police report. developing tonight.hayward police are looking for a gunman involved in a shooting. >> the workshop and anchor that this attempted the shock -- and the anger was all a hoax. we were here when family members parked their car on the driveway and walked inside without speaking to the media. it is possible that the mother was one of them. the girls are trusted one of the adults as mother. they were even considering starting a neighbor of watch program because of the alleged ab
game! four homicides in one night. and, tonight. the oakland police department says it's agressively searching for the suspects responsible for yesterday's string of murders. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. police are saying today that there are several groups involved. the oakland police department says the shootings are a result of several feuding groups. at this point, investigators are not calling those groups gangs. police say the violence amounts to retaliatory attacks. and, that they are committing extra resources to track down the killers. the first shooting was reported around 2:30 p-m, when police found a man hit with multiple gunshot wounds near east 17th street and 23rd avenue. he was transported to the hospital but later died. then, at around three p-m. a man was found dead, also suffering from gunshots near canon ave and wellington st just after 4 p-m a shooting was reported at 34th near west st.. no victims were found, but later a man was admitted to a nearyby hospital where he died. and just after eight. police found a man dead suffering from gunshot woun
police at a station in oakland. how grant is being remembered tonight. and the movie that's heading for sundance. >>> a close call on a frigid lake. the dramatic video of a sledder. and his rescuers. falling through thin ice. >>> and celebrating the first area.. the twist that makes this delivery. extra special. >> catherine: grocery stores in alameda county are now charging customers for paper bags. that follows the ban on plastic bags that went into effect last year. us what people think of the additional cost. >> jack refused to pay the extra 105. so he walked out in the cold carrying two bags he did not he was not alone. >> it is not worth it. and maybe i'd is one-stop shopping. >> i do not know what i'm going to do now. >> these used to be free. they did not mind paying the extra time to restore caught off guard. >> i thought that the guy was joking because i knew the guy and i said 105? i think that it is great. we do not need any more plastic bags. the maureen thinks that it is just fine. >> it works great. among grocery store is in alameda county are participating in this pr
news. >> pam: oakland police conducted several raids this morning. it was all in an effort to crack down on the city's crime wave. oakland has suffered an escalating problem with violence. like this homicide you see here where a woman and man were shot as they went through a drive through restaurant. police launched operation ceasefire to try and stem the violence. in the raid, police say they detained 6 people as well as confiscated guns and other >> we are going to go after you in oakland and make sure that the violence will end. and also as you know or violent offenders are repeat offenders everyone to put an end to it. this community has pand a request and they deserve this. we want to mak impact on violence and this is a great example of working together with the committee to address violence. >> pam: police say it is unclear right now how many will be arrested and prosecuted. adding they will conduct another raid, if need be to help reduce crime on the streets of oakland. >> in addition, there were reits in the santa cruz. " operations ceasefire " is a national crime preventi
comments. and culliver has since apologized. the c-h-p will continue to help police the streets of oakland. officers will stay on patrol for another 30-days. in an effort to improve public safety. arrests and taken 15 weapons off the streets since the partnership began. cal-osha has fined chevron nearly one-million dollars for the fire at its richmond refinery last august. which sent thousands of people to hospitals. cal-osha says its investigators found "willful violations" in chevron's response before, during and after the fire. a spokesperson says the company disagrees with some of the findings. and plans to appeal. >> in san francisco, merchants who are worried about the safety of their neighborhood on super bowl sunday, got a visit from the mayor today. kron 4s dan kerman has details on their concerns and the city's plans. >> last time i was here at the celebration it was out of control. >> it was graffiti and broken windows. >> the mission district if you remember this from the world series celebration? >> there was graffiti, on the windows, and let us not forget the firehouse. wedne
cameras reveal the face of a man accused of a shocking crime against a woman and her dog. and oakland. the mayor explains why she is handing out debit cards to people who entered this country illegally. >> sometimes federal laws are not just. >> catherine: tonight at eight. controversy over oakland's plan to issue municipal i-d cards to illegal immigrants. mayor jean quan and city leaders defend the program as a way to help fight the high crime rate.. but as kron 4's reggie kumar reports - the program may violate federal law. >> reporter: this is what oakland's municipal i-d card will look like. it will show a picture of the card holder, and list their name address date of birth, hair and eye color, weight and height. but, the person's sex will not be included, after concerns were raised by transgender advocates. city officials say the added benefit is that it can be used as a debit card. there is a one time application fee of 15 dollars, and up to a two dollar monthly fee charged by the financial provider sf global. mayor jean quan and outgoing councilmember ignacio de la fuente work
in a daring robbery at the oakland museum of california. the museum is offering a 12- thousand dollar reward for the safe return. of this gold jewelery box. it was crafted sometime in the late 18-hundreds. kron-4's scott rates has the latest on the efforts to recover this one- of- a- kind artifact. >> new resolution pictures are showing this. >> this was a wedding gift from an early california of pioneer to his wife. >> this gold box dates back to the gold rush. there is no price tag but it is not cheap. >> we know that it is a significant value with not had it appraised in a while. >> reporter: the staffas wondering why. >> we speculate because it is it is important and the staff -- is wondering why. perhaps they were attracted because of the gold. >> reporter: they are hoping that this gold artifacts will find its way back to where it returns. >> we feel the the public feels like it has been stolen from them. we tell the story of california's history. in a sense, we are all being robbed. there is a $12,000 reward. scott rates, kron 4. >> pam: half moon bay is getting ready for one of the b
and lots of sunshine that as what we had for today. 60s. nearly 70's in oakland, san jose. livermore, san francisco, mid-60s. despite the warm temperatures, we still have the cold weather at night. from mt. tam over the golden gate bridge in san francisco and the bay colt numbers once again. here is futurecast. notice the purple continuing to expand with 30's and 20's. look for the coldest temperatures to be in the north bay valleys with mid upper 20s were santa rosa, napa, fairfield upper 30's and 40's by the bay. pretty cold tonight with the 30's for san jose. redwood city and as we go for tomorrow once we start to see that sunshine if it will warm up. ahead at eight. >> pam: itthe flu getting more dangerous. as it spreads throughout california. people across the state and in the bay area rush to get protected. a big weekend in washington, as president obama prepares to officially begin his second term. the last minute preparations for the inauguration celebrations. but first, the dramatic video of an avalanche rescue near lake tahoe. why the man whose life was saved. is critical of his
. hayward, oakland and san francisco. the mid 40's and even though the weather is tranquil. we do have a fierce waves with a high surf advisory. in addition, we will see a strong recurrent for the mavericks' competition. possibly dangerous this weekend along the coast more details on that, coming up. >> the coast guard is warning people to be on the lookout for waves that could be up to 20 ft.! the fight to protect the second ammendment generates passion and anger in pacifica today. why some who normally take a back seat are now stepping plus.similar pro-gun rallies across the country. how social media is playing a role. and the hostage crisis in algeria is now over.we have updated casualty numbers.and what the algerian government is doing right now. thousands of gun advocates gathered today in pacifica to rally against stricter limits on firearms. >> the group included families kron 4's jeff pierce spoke to advocates at the event celebrating their 2nd amendment right. >> pisspeaking throu megaphone) this is were we draw a line in the sand. we are not going to back up we are not going
of downtown oakland- now considered suspcious. the latest on who police are questioning and why. san jose police asking the public for help in tracking down a man who tried to kidnap a 13 year old girl. details. next. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> twin trophies, a dream for sports fans and a nightmare for law enforcement. news tonight at 8:00 p.m. the plan to prevent problems is still in the works. s therese of the special reports. >> this scorched muni voboss with fires and are rich kansas was not a party scene after the giants' victory. police are not going to let that happen again. the one big change will be removing a garbage cans. >> we had a lot of fires when the giants won the world series. last week we were getting ready to prepare by doing a garbage can pack up. there is no fuel, there's no fires. there will also be more patrols in the mission district so they can manage crowds. >> a smaller crowd is easier for us to maintain and control. >> this is what they're going to do with muni a heartfelt >> they're going to run extra servic
rainfall. notice, offshore the showers are also breaking up. moderate shower activity through oakland, san leandro. the orange indicating a been a more concentration on key 580, the >> through downtown the san jose, milpitas. heavier rainfall. to the 680, the aide we are getting a heavy shower at this time and to the north bay. the rain is starting to dissipate with petaluma towards the santa rosa some drier conditions. showers will be decreasing traces in some areas but those numbers of sharp increase. one-third of 1 in. in santa rosa, san rafeal. for tonight, the rainfall is what we can see on the cemetery bridge. a some slack roadways. with a transition to showers on/off on later. showers will also continue. >>> we're heading live outside to san rafael. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush. checking in on how the rain is affecting residents in the north bay. >> this rainfall started about midafternoon. >> reporter: it has been a grey the drive was a wet one with windshield wipers on the entire way. the skies were gray this road in mill valley was starting to flood. with derrik to set
, for martin luther king day also looking sunday with a repeat performance. if look for 66 degrees in oakland. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay more sunshine on tuesday. after a cool start there is a storm are arriving on wednesday. partly cloudy skies and the chance for some light rain. the next chance of rainfall for next weekend >> the game was a mason, kaepernick was also amazing. the game was the amazing- the no. 1, 2013. super bowl, super bowl, i think that i was like 18 when it was steve young it was great to see it come back . >> take a look at this people also kaepernick ing... that is the hottest thing going, the jersey. generations also kissing the biceps also, the 'harbo wl'... coming up. >> police investigating yesterday's deadly bart shooting say the victim could have been an innocent we have the latest. the president's second term already underway. first inauguration oath today. plus the big party plans following his second! and. we bring you more of the as san francisco prepares to send the team to the super bowl! (male announcer) this is the bay area news stati
that if they are not ready to approve the budget there will take the time, necessary. in oakland, alecia reed, kron 4. >> new information tonight about damage to the bay bridge after that tanker hit it monday. this is aerial video from sky 7-h-d. and new tonight. we have learned the bar pilot that was navigating the ship at the time has tested *negative for drugs or alcohol. today we learned the damage to the base of the tower on the bridge suffered two to three million dollars in damage. and these are new pictures. you can see the worst of it right here on the fender.this is on the western span closest to treasure island. these fenders here are made of wood and plastic. you can see the damage pretty clearly. the wood is smashed in.the black plastic was pushed down into the bay. and the metal support beans and bolts were compromised. also pieces of wood splintered.this is the base of the bridge tower. the oil tanker the overseas reymar also was damaged. scrape marks and a piece of wood. officials say the fender on the tower that was hit by "did exactly what it was supposed to do" in protecting the bridge. th
and the upper 30's. 40's for oakland and as the go for the rest of tonight temperatures will continue to plummet. midnight tonight, the pink showing readings in the '20s and '30s. that is where we will stay for most of the night and tomorrow. take a look at the temperatures at pre- sunrise. plenty of freezing temperatures right at the inland areas. santa rosa, napa. and readings at or above freezing. for the south bay, 20's and the santa clara valley. 20's for cupertino, milpitas and how we can finally get some warmer weather. >> in east palo alto, a man is recovering after being stabbed this morning. the stabbing happened at an apartment complex on east police arrested david yun. on suspicion of attempted murder and domesticthey say the two men were partners. the 34-year-old victim was taken to standford hospital where he's being treated for multiple stab wounds. he's in stable condition tonight. six residents were displaced from their home in san jose after a two-alarm fire broke out this afteroon. it happened on higuera road near quail canyon road. firefighters say the two- story house was en
. police are actively investigating a shooting that has injured at least one officer in east oakland. this video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the scene just hours ago we head out live to the area. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush who has been following this story. jeff what's the latest? >> reporter: p.m., let me show you the car. pam, they were investigating this car crash. at 6:00 p.m., they heard gunshots. just a few blocks away, on 49th street the police and one police officer has been shot. and he has been taken to the hospital with none-life threatening injuries. that is all we know. the details are still forthcoming and we're still waiting for police chief, howard jordan. that is all we know. jeff bush, kron 4. >> pam: jeff, anything about the suspect? >> reporter: we are hearing that there has been one arrest. there was some information earlier that there could have been two people however, there has been one suspect are arrested. >> pam: thank you, jeff. >> we're still more than a week away from the super bowl, but san francisco city officials
from the bizarre "sideshow" stunt. that stopped traffic cold on interstate 880 near the oakland coliseum over the weekend. c-h-p investigators are currently reviewing videos from the incident. in an attempt to track down the drivers who are responsible. >> dispatcher: 911 what are you reporting? >> these severe tire tracks, are causing a huge fo traffic jam in front of the coliseum a. >> there is smoke everywhere. >> what kind of cars are there? pummel one has custom paint. people are coming in and out of their cars. >> they are doing this on the freeway? >> they are stuck on the freeway. this is ridiculous! >> pam: they are reviewing surveillance video and attempting to track down the drivers who are responsible. >> jacqueline: low 60s for santa rosa. 61 in fairfield. as we take a look at our current conditions. temperatures in the 50s for this time with it 50s and 60s in concord, hayward. as we look for the overnight hours it will stay mostly clear. 30's and '40's expected. some high clouds but it will be noticeably warmer. in fact it will stay with us for quite some time. a l
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